The first merit list of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Lahore campus for the fall 2023 semester was released on the 18th of August, 2023. The final merit list for various programs can be found here:

  • BS Computer Science: 87.36%
  • BS Software Engineering: 85.60%
  • BS Computer Engineering: 83.09%
  • BS Electrical Engineering: 76.74%
  • BS Chemical Engineering: 50%

This merit-based list of candidates is accessible through the CUI Lahore website. Candidates who have been selected by the merit listing will be required to pay the admission fee on or before August 19 2023. The merit list for the second time will be released on August 21, 2023.

Here is the link to the CUI Lahore website where you can find the merit list:

comsats CUI Lahore merit list 2023 Details

comsats CUI lahore merit list 2023

comsats CUI Lahore merit list 2023

Since its inception, CUI has made multi-faceted expansion in terms of campuses (currently CUI has 8 fully operational campuses) and the numbers of faculty members, students scientific programs, output of research, and public outreach, in order to achieve its three-fold purpose, i.e., Research and Discovery, Teaching and Learning as well as Outreach and Public Service, making it a preferred option for undergraduate as well in graduate programs.

Furthermore, CUI is currently ranked at the number 03 spot in the General Universities of Pakistan, at the number 01 spot for Computer Science and IT, and was also placed at the top of the list for Research Productivity in Pakistan as reported by the Higher Education Commission (HEC Ranking 2015 ), which was released in February of 2016). Recently, CUI has also been placed as one of the best 250 Asian universities and has been ranked among the top 250 Asian Universities as well.CU has also created its Student Startup Business Center (SSBC) to promote and encourage creativity and entrepreneurship within the academic environment.

Merit List 

COMSAT CUI Lahore Merit List 2023

The merit list for COMSAT Lahore has been made public and the final merits of undergraduate programs are listed below.

Program Name Closing Merit (First Merit List) Open Merit
BS Computer Science 87.36%
BS Software Engineering 85.6%
BS Computer Engineering 83.09%
BS Electrical Engineering 76.74%
Pharm-D 83.52%
BS Chemical Engineering 50%
BBA 50%
BS Accounting & Finance 50%
BS Psychology 50%
BS English 50%
BS Media & Communication Studies 50%
BS Statistics with Data Science 50%
BS Chemistry 50%
BS Physics 50%
BS Mathematics 50%
BS Economics 50%

The 1st merit list (Open Merit) for BS Programs is published. Candidates are advised to Log-In to their online Admission Portal Accounts (http:// to check the merit status. Candidates selected for the exam are asked to print the OFFER LETTER together and their FEE CHALLAN and then proceed according to the instructions provided.

The deadline for fee submissions to the 1st Merit list is the 19th of August, 2023. The 1st Merit List (Open Merit) for BS Programs in Architecture, Design as well as Design for Interior Design will be released on or after 181h August

2. UG (Open Merit) List will be announced on the 19th of August 2023.

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Admission Criteria and Requirements

Academic Qualifications

In order to be placed on the list of merit, applicants need to have a strong academic base. The results of high school play an important role in the determination of eligibility.

Entry Test Performance

The entrance test is a crucial part. It assesses the candidates’ knowledge as well as analytical abilities and problem-solving skills.

Weightage of Different Subjects

Certain programs can give different weightage to different areas based on their importance to the area of research.

The Application Process

Online Application Portal

Digital technology has simplified the process of applying. Online applicants are able to apply via the official portal, providing speed and convenience.

Submission of Documents

Candidates must provide the academic documents they have received, including transcripts and other certificates, in order to verify their credentials.


FAQ 1. What date will merit lists be released?

The school plans to announce the merit list during the first week of August.

FAQ 2. Can I appeal if disagree with my merits?

Yes, the school has an appeals process that can address these issues.

Question 3: How do I pay for tuition?

The tuition fee can be repaid via a variety of offline and online ways.

Question 4. Are scholarships for students?

Yes, the university provides scholarships based on merit as well as the need.

FAQ 5 What do I need to know if have missed the deadline to accept the offer?

Candidates who do not meet the deadline may lose their position to applicants who are on the waiting list.