GCUF Merit List 2023

GCUF Merit List 2023 BS programs

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The wait is done for thousands of students who are eager to learn and who are waiting for the announcement of their merit list. Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) is scheduled to release its much-anticipated merit list for 2023. If you’re a student who is looking to gain admission or simply interested in the process of selection this article will give you useful information on the GCUF BS Merit List 2023, including dates, program details, and how to access the list.

GCUF Merit List 2023

GCUF Merit List 2023 BS programs

GCUF Merit List 2023

The Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) has published its merit list of BS programs for the fall 2023 semester. You can view the merit list on the GCUF website here: https://admissions.gcuf.edu.pk/merit.To see the merit list of the specific program, click the program in the drop-down menu located on the left side of the page. It will appear in a table with these columns

  • Program Title
  • Morning List
  • Replica List
  • Morning Bench
  • Replica Bench

The Morning List and Replica List reflect the merits of those who have been accepted into both the morning and replica classes, respectively. Both the morning Bench along the Replica Bench reflect the merit scores of candidates who have been granted admission to replica and morning programs, respectively.

It is vital to know that the list of merits can change based on the number of applicants who accept the invitation and pay the tuition fees.

The following are the top 10 applicants for this BS Software Engineering (Morning) program, based on their merit lists:

Sort Application Number Candidate Name Percentage of Merit
1 101273851 URWA AHEEL 95.81%
2 101251832 AMINA KHAN 95.81%
3 101295253 HANZLA JAMAL 95.72%
4 101273730 LAIBA KHALID 95.54%
5 101255702 ALI RAYYAN 95.31%
6 101285564 ATIF MUBEEN ASLAM 95.29%
7 101295868 EMAN MARIUM 95.18%
8 101263749 HAFSA AMIN 95.10%
9 101270346 SULEMAN AJUM 94.82%
10 101292554 Adeel Akhtar Haral 94.77%

GCUF BS Merit List 2023 Date

The date for the release of the GCUF BS Merit List 2023 is an important piece of information for prospective students. Usually, GCUF publishes its merit lists within a couple of weeks following the conclusion of the admissions process. Although the exact dates might differ each year you can anticipate the list to be released in the latter part of September or the month of October 2023. It is essential to keep up-to-date by regularly checking the official GCUF website or the university’s notice board to find the exact date of release.

BS Programs Covered

GCUF provides a variety of Bachelor of Science (BS) programs that span a variety of disciplines. These programs serve an array of students who have different academic pursuits. The most well-known BS programs that are offered at GCUF include:

  1. BS Computer Science
  2. BS Information Technology
  3. BS Economics
  4. BS Chemistry
  5. BS Physics
  6. BS Mathematics
  7. BS English
  8. BS Business Administration
  9. BS Psychology
  10. BS Sociology

These are only some of the numerous BS programs that are offered by GCUF. This merit list will outline the programs for the admissions that have been made, as well as the merit criteria.

Where can I find GCUF BS Merit List 2023?

To view this list, you must sign up for GCUF BS Merit List 2023 There are a variety of choices:

  1. Official Site: The most convenient method to view the list of merits is via the official GCUF website ( www.gcuf.edu.pk). The school typically publishes the merit list as a PDF that can be easily downloaded and browsed.
  2. The University notice board: GCUF also displays the merit list on physical notice boards on campus. This is a good alternative for those who prefer to review for merits in person.
  3. GCUF Students Portal: The GCUF student portal is an invaluable source for students enrolled in the. Log into the portal to see the merit list as well as other important information about your academics.

GCUF Second Merit List 2023

In a few instances, GCUF may release a 2nd merit list when there are seats available in specific programs following the admissions process has begun in the first round. The second merit list usually contains applicants who just missed the cutoff on the first list. If you’re not able to make it onto the initial list, don’t despair. Keep an eye on the news regarding the second merit list.


The GCUF Merit List for BS 2023 is an important document for students who want to apply to this prestigious university. Keep an eye on the official GCUF website and notice boards as well as the student portal for information on the date for release and specific criteria for the program. Be aware that although merit is a major factor, however, it’s not the only element in your academic success. Keep working hard, remain focused, and aim to be the best in the field you choose to study. Best of luck to all hopeful GCUF students throughout the next academic year!

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