Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore Merit List 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd

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The first merit list for admission to the intermediate classes (2023-2025) at Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore was announced on August 18, 2023. The list is available on the college’s website,, and the OCAS website,

The merit list is based on the students’ performance in the matriculation examination. The top 100 students in each subject are eligible for admission to the college. The merit lists for subsequent rounds of admissions will be announced on August 25, September 1, and September 8.

The college offers a variety of programs, including science, arts, and commerce. The college also offers a number of scholarships to deserving students.

The first merit list of acceptance into the advanced program (FA/FSc) in the Govt Islamia College Civil Lines, Lahore was released on August 18th, 2023. The list can be viewed on the college’s website,, or on the website of the Online College Admission System (OCAS),

The merit list for the second time will be released on the 22nd of August 2023. Students who haven’t been selected on the first merit lists will then be eligible to submit an application for the merit list.

Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore Merit List 2023 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore Merit List 2023

Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore Merit List 2023

These are the conditions in order to be admitted into Govt Islamia College Civil Lines:

  • Students must pass their test for matriculation at least 60 percent marks.
  • The student must have submitted an application to be admitted online via OCAS. OCAS website.
  • The student must have presented all required documents, including the matriculation certificates, residence certificates, and character certificates.

A merit list is created by analyzing the marks obtained by students in their matriculation exams. Students who have the highest marks are chosen first.

If you have questions regarding the admissions procedure, you can reach the admissions office of the college at +92 42 35910710.

Govt Islamia College Lahore 1st Merit List 2023

Govt Islamia College Lahore’s 1st Merit List 2023 will be announced. Following declaring the first merit list they will release the third and 2nd merit lists. Be sure to check this site for the latest information.

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Govt Islamia College Lahore 2nd Merit List 2023

Following the announcement of the merit list for the first time, Govt Islamia College Lahore will announce the second merit list. If your name is included, you have to be required to pay the fee in time according to the schedule set by the administration, and if you do not pay your dues on time then the college will remove your name from the list of applicants.

Govt Islamia College Lahore 3rd Merit List 2023

Following the announcement of 1st and second and 2nd merit list, they will announce the 3rd merit list of those candidates who failed to make it to the top of the merit list, so make sure you are aware that this is the final merit list and after that, there will be no merit list issued by the organization. Furthermore, those candidates will pass and be able to meet the requirements of the merit list.

Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore Merit List 2023

First Merit List Morning 2023 Click Here
Second Merit List Morning 2023 Click Here
First Merit List Evening 2023 Click Here

How to Check the Merit List

The process of checking your Govt Islamia College Civil Lines Merit List 2023 is a simple procedure. Take these actions:

  1. Visit the official website of the college.
  2. Go toward your “Admission” and “Merit List” sections.
  3. Input the necessary information including the application number or name.
  4. Your merits list is shown in order to show your rank along with the relevant details.


What is the process for preparing this Govt Islamia College Merit List created?

A . This merit listing is compiled by combining academic results and the entrance exam results. The list also considers any reservation criteria that are applicable.

Do I have the right to appeal my position on the merits list?

A. If you believe that there was an error you may reach out to the college officials and follow the procedures for appeals.

Does the merit list constitute the final admissions choice?

A. The merits list is an important part of the admission process, the final decision is also based on the availability of seats as well as meeting other admission conditions.

There are any restrictions available for students who are not from the state?

A.Absolutely, Govt Islamia College follows the quota system that is used for students from various states, according to the guidelines of the college.

What are the documents needed to be used in counseling sessions?

A. Typically, you’ll need to bring original academic certifications, identification documents, and any other official documents required by the institution.

What can I do to prepare for the entrance examinations?

A. To be prepared, make sure you read the exam syllabus carefully, review the previous year’s exam papers, and think about taking part in preparation courses when they are available.

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