IIUI Admission 2024

IIUI Admission 2024 Last Date To Apply

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The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) is now accepting applications for LLB programs starting in 2024. The school, widely regarded for its status as a prestigious public research institute in Pakistan is now accepting applications online. The deadline for submission of applications and paying fees is now confirmed. The application for admission is available on the official IIUI website at www.IUII.edu.pk. The deadline to submit an application to LLB courses at IIUI is February 27, 2024. If you’re interested ensure that you complete the online application process before this date.

Candidates can apply to the International Islamic University Islamabad for both the autumn and spring sessions. The school offers an extensive range of courses, ranging in the range of BA, MA, Be.d, Me.d, BS, BCS, BBA, MBA, Engineering, Literature, MPhil, and even Ph.D. level. The entrance test is mandatory for all applicants who are applying to study programs of various kinds. IIU Islamabad is dedicated to offering high-quality higher education and research. Its main campus is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

IIUI Admission 2024 Last Date To Apply

IIUI Admission 2024

IIUI Admission 2024

Students from all over the globe want to join this revered institution. Every year, an increasing amount of students are aspiring to gain admission to the university. The principal reason for this is the unflinching dedication of the faculty as well as administration to ensure that they maintain the highest quality of education.

International Islamic University Islamabad Admission 2024

IIU Islamabad stands out as an educational institution that is highly sought-after and attracted by students who are interested in Islamic studies as well as science training in Pakistan. It is the top institute to study Islamic sciences and studies in the nation. As per the admissions schedule, the university will not conduct interviews. held for students in the undergraduate program.

IIUI Admission 2024 Last Date

IIU is not just listed as one of the best 20 universities but is also internationally acclaimed for its top-quality education. IIUI Admission 2024 has introduced a new session and those who’ve been eagerly waiting to apply can apply online. The official announcement of the closing date for applying is in the process and applicants are urged to apply before the deadline announced.

IIUI Admission Merit Criteria 2024

At the end of this time, the management will no longer consider applications. Additionally, the university has extraordinary courses in English literature and emphasizes providing high-quality education in Islam as a religion, belief system, and Islamic fundamentals. On this page, you’ll get information about IIUI admission 2024 which includes the deadline to submit online application forms, fee structure, test dates for entry and merit lists, admissions criteria forms, downloads of forms, IIUI scholarships, and employment opportunities provided at the University.


IIUI Merit List 2024

Many candidates from all over the nation particularly those from twin cities are showing a desire to be admitted into the over 100 academic options available at IIUI. Potential applicants need to apply on the internet before the deadline. It is important to note that the admission requirements have been updated that allow previously ineligible applicants to apply.

IIUI Entry Test Date 2024

IIU Islamabad plays a vital part in delivering modern education in a range of fields, including engineering computing, computer science and business, medical sciences and natural sciences humanities, law, and English literature courses. In addition, it guarantees that students receive a high-quality education about Islam as a religion, belief system, and Islamic concepts.

Islamic University Programs

Intermediate Programs

FSc Pre-Engineering ICom
FSc Pre-Medical FA General Science
Bachelor Admissions
BBA (Hons) BS History (Hons)
BBA ITM (Hons) BS Media & Communication
BS Arabic (Hons) BS Pakistan Studies
BS Translation & Interpretation BS Persian (Hons)
BS Physics BS Psychology (Hons)
BS Electronic Engineering LLB Shariah & Law (Hons)
BS Computer Science BA Shariah (Hons)
BS Software Engineering BS Sociology
BS Mechanical Engineering BS Statistics
BS Mathematics BS Arabic
BS Environmental Science BA Usuluddin Islamic Studies (Hons)
BS Biotechnology BS Software Engineering
BS English Associate Degree in Education ADE
BS Persian Language & Literature BEd
BS Urdu (Hons) BS Anthropology
BSc Economics (Hons) BS Bioinformatics (Hons)
BS Islamic Studies BEd Education (Hons)
BTech Mechanical BS Electrical Technology
BTech Electrical BS International Relations
BTech Civil BS Political Science
BS Civil Engineering BS Accounting & Finance

Master Admissions

MA Arabic MSc Economics & Finance
MBA Finance MS Econometrics
MBA Marketing MSc Islamic Banking & Finance
MBA Management & Entrepreneurship MSc Physics
MBA ITM Telecom Management MSc Mathematics
MBA IT Project Management MSc Statistics
MBA Executive MS Natural Science
MS Arabic Literature & Linguistics MA International Relations
MSc Physics MA Political Science
MS Electronic Engineering MBA Human Resource Management
MS Mechanical Engineering Master in Supply Chain Management
MSc Statistics MA Education
MS Management & Entrepreneurship MEd
MS Technology Management MA Pak Studies
MS English MSc Anthropology
MS Persian language Literature MA English
MS Urdu MSc Health & Safety Environment
MSc Economics MA History
MA Political Science MSc International Relations
MSc Psychology MA Islamic Art & Architecture
MSc Sociology MA Media & Communication
MA Urdu MSc Media & Mass Communication
MA Usuluddin Islamic Studies MA Persian
MS Arabic MSc International Relations
MS Bioinformatics MSc Management
MBA Business Administration MA Persian
MS Economics & Finance MS Sociology
MS Electrical MS Software Engineering
LLM MS Technology Management

IIUI Admission 2024 Online Apply

For information on the internet regarding International Islamic University Islamabad Admission 2024, including the IIUI’s final date to apply for admission in the fall/spring merit lists, fee structures eligibility criteria and the application online process go to this page.


What is IIUI?
The letter IIUI refers to the International Islamic University, Islamabad. It is a highly regarded educational institution that is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. IIUI is well-known for its numerous academic programs, its focus on Islamic ethics, and its commitment to academic excellence.

Q: What is IIUI Admission 2024?
A: IIUI Admission 2024 refers to the admissions process for the 2024-2025 academic year in IIUI, the International Islamic University, Islamabad. This program allows interested applicants to submit applications for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs provided by IIUI.

Q What are the eligibility requirements to be considered for IIUI In 2024 admission?
A: The criteria for eligibility for the IIUI Admission 2024 program may differ based on the specific program. In general, applicants are required to satisfy the requirements for a bachelor’s degree that include minimum marks or grades, to qualify for the particular program. Certain programs may have additional requirements for subjects. It is essential to study the eligibility criteria outlined in the admissions guidelines offered by IIUI.

Q: How do I apply for admission to IIUI 2024?
To apply the application process for IIUI admission in 2024 applicants must fill out the online application form offered through the institution. The application form asks for specific information regarding personal and educational requirements Candidates may also need to upload documents relevant to their application like educational transcripts and identification documents as well as photographs. The application form, as well as supporting documents, have to be received within the time specified within the guidelines for admission.

Q What is the admissions exam to be taken for IIUI In 2024?
A: The prerequisite to take an admissions test differs according to the program. Certain programs at IIUI might require an admission test that tests the applicants’ abilities and knowledge of the subject. It is recommended to review the admission requirements specific to the program you are interested in to determine if admission tests are required and to prepare according to the requirements.

Q: What’s the procedure for securing IIUI admission in 2024?
A: The process of selection for the IIUI Admission 2024 program is usually based on merit. It will consider the candidate’s academic achievements and admission test results (if relevant) as well as any other criteria specified within the guidelines for admission. Candidates shortlisted for admission may be contacted for an interview or a counseling session to determine their ability to be accepted into the program.

Q What do I need to know if receive an invitation to apply for IIUI in the year 2024?
A: If you’re offered an invitation to apply for admission to IIUI admission 2024 you’ll need to follow the guidelines that the university has provided. This could mean having to complete the application procedure within the stipulated timeframe, which could require payment of fees, submission of the required documents, and meeting any other requirements outlined to the school. It is crucial to read the admissions offer letter and follow all instructions to ensure your spot within the program.

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