IKSC Result 2023

the IKSC results were announced on October 10, 2023. The results have been sent to all institutions registered which means you will receive your results delivery by October 27. You can also access your scores online by going to IKSC’s website. IKSC website, and then click the “Results” tab. You’ll have to enter your roll number in order to check your results.

IKSC Result 2023 Date

IKSC Result 2023

IKSC Result 2023

The IKSC also known as the International Kangaroo Science Contest, is a biannual international math and science competition open to students from grades 3-12. The contest is designed to test students’ ability to solve problems and encourage them to consider science and math. The IKSC is held in more than 80 countries around the globe and more than 6 million participants participate every year. The competition is broken down into three levels: Level 1, (grades 3-4) Level 2 (grades 5-6) along with Level 3, (grades 7-12).

IKSC Result Date 2023

These IKSC 2023 data were announced on the 10th of October 10, 2023. The results were sent to all institutions registered so you’ll receive the results delivery by the 27th of October. You can also access your results online by going to IKSC’s website. IKSC site and selecting the “Results” tab. You’ll need to enter your roll number in order to check your results.


www.kangaroo.org.pk science 2023

The official IKSC site is www.kangaroo.org.pk. On the site, there is more information on the contest, including registration details, past papers, as well as answers.

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IKSC Result 2023 by Name

To verify your IKSC 2023 results by name, go to this page on the IKSC website and select the “Results” tab. After that, type in the name of your candidate and their roll numbers to see your results.

IKSC Prizes 2023

These are the awards that will be awarded to the top performers of IKSC 2023: IKSC 2023:

  • Gold Medal: Awarded to the highest 10 percent of all students in each grade.
  • Silver Medal: Awarded to the top 15% of the students in each grade.
  • Bronze Medal: It is awarded to the next 20 percent of the students in each grade.
  • Honorable Mention The award is given to the top 25% of the students in each grade.

IKSC Online Practice

There are numerous websites that provide online practice sessions for the IKSC. Some of them include:

  • www.kangaroo.org.pk
  • www.mathleague.com
  • www.artofproblemsolving.com

IKSC Gold Medal

It is the IKSC gold award is presented to the most outstanding 10% of students at each contest level. It is an eminent award that acknowledges students’ exceptional achievement in the fields of science and math.

IKSC 2023 Answer Key

IKSC 2023 answer key The IKSC 2023 Answer Key will be made available via the IKSC website in the next few weeks. This answer key is going to enable students to review their answers and pinpoint any areas in which they could enhance their skills.


IKSC IKSC is a rigorous and rewarding competition for children between the ages of 3 and 12. This contest is a fantastic opportunity to test students’ thinking skills in problem-solving and to inspire students to consider their thinking about math and science.