ISP Multan Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date

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ISP Multan, short for International School of Professionals Multan is an eminent educational institution that has served as an example of excellence and knowledge for a long time. It is committed to encouraging academic and holistic growth ISP Multan is recognized as a place of learning that is committed to innovation, diversity, and engagement with the community. As 2023 approaches, ISP Multan opens its doors to students who are interested in learning and invites them to join an exciting educational experience.

ISP Multan Admission 2023 Apply Online Last Date

ISP Multan Admission 2023

ISP Multan Admission 2023

Admission is now available for 2023’s session in the Institute of Southern Punjab (ISP) Multan. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2023.

You can apply online at the ISP admission portal:

These documents are necessary for submitting an application:

  • A scan of the passport-sized photo
  • A scanned copy of your transcripts to school
  • A scanned copy of your CNIC or birth certificate
  • A scan of your certificate of residence
  • A scan of your receipt for payment.

The application cost is the amount of Rs. 2000 for Pakistani citizens and Rs. 5000 for foreign citizens.

The admissions process is determined by merit. The conditions for admission are:

  • For undergraduate programs, The weightage is 50% on academic merit and 50 percent weightage on the entrance exam
  • For postgraduate programs, 100% weightage is based on academic merit

Entrance tests to undergraduate courses will be conducted on the 15th of October, 2023. The results of this entrance exam will be published on the 20th of October 20th, 2023.

For more information, please visit the ISP website:

Admission Process: 

The admissions process at ISP Multan is designed to be simple and easy to access. Prospective students will have access to an online application platform that is user-friendly which makes the application process easier. To be sure to get a seat for ISP Multan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official ISP Multan website.
  2. Click on”Admissions” and then the “Admissions” section.
  3. Complete the application online by providing complete details.
  4. Upload the documents required including academic transcripts, certifications, and other identification.
  5. Pay for the application fee online via an encrypted payment system.
  6. Submit your application.

Eligibility Criteria

ISP Multan takes pride in its approach to education that is inclusive. The eligibility requirements for admission are set to ensure that students who are from diverse backgrounds are given the chance to attend. To be eligible to be considered for ISP Multan Admission 2023:

  • Candidates must have completed their secondary schooling or similar.
  • Achieving the minimum GPA is vital.
  • Some programs might have certain requirements, for example, subjects-specific requirements as well as aptitude tests.

Courses Offered

ISP Multan offers a diverse selection of courses that span multiple disciplines, helping students explore their interests and create their own paths toward success. If you’re interested in the humanities, business, technology, or science, ISP Multan has a course specifically designed for you. The most well-known courses offered include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Engineering (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Political Science)
  • Fine Arts and Design

Application Process

Making an application for ISP Multan is a well-structured procedure that is designed to speed up the process of registering. Use these guidelines to help you navigate the application process:

  1. online application Visit the official ISP Multan website and complete the online application form.
  2. document submission Create and submit all required documents, such as academic transcripts letters of recommendation, and a personal essay.
  3. Application Fee Apply fee in accordance with the guidelines.
  4. Examinations for Admission If necessary take any necessary exams for admission and submit your scores at the time of application.
  5. Interview (if required): Some programs might need an interview as part of the selection procedure.
  6. Notification Wait for the admission decision that will be made public via the contact information provided.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

ISP Multan is committed to providing quality education to worthy students. Through numerous financial aid and scholarship options, the school is committed to supporting students as they pursue knowledge. Most scholarships are granted based on academic merit as well as financial need or an amalgamation of both. Utilizing these opportunities could significantly reduce the cost of the education process.

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What kinds of programs do ISP Multan offer? 

ISP Multan offers a diverse array of programs, which include engineering business, sociology, and many more. Visit the official website for the complete list of programs.

Are there scholarships for students from abroad?

 Yes, ISP Multan offers scholarships to both international and local students. The details are available on the page for scholarships.

Can I apply to different applications?

 Yes, you could apply for multiple programs, however, you may have to submit separate applications for each one.

What are the documents required for the Application?

Commonly required documents include academic transcripts letters of recommendation along with a written statement about the intent.

Are there campus accommodations for students available?

 Yes, ISP Multan provides on-campus housing for students who wish to live within this campus-based community.

What is it that sets ISP Multan apart from other institutions?

ISP Multan’s commitment to a holistic approach, the expertise of its faculty, and its wide-ranging programs make it stand out as an outstanding educational institution.


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