kohat board roll number slip 2023 class 9

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As the school year gets underway students in Class 9 from Kohat are eagerly awaiting the roll slips to take the coming examinations. This Kohat Board Roll Number Slip 2023 for Class 9 is an essential document that gives students crucial information about their exam center, their schedule as well as other important information. In this thorough guide, we’ll explore each element in this Kohat Board Roll Number Slip for Class 9, making sure that you have all the details to be successful on your exam journey.

Slips with roll numbers for Kohat Board SSC Annual-I Exam 2023 were released on August 18, 2023. Exams will take place between September 1 and 10, 2023.

If you’re having difficulty getting the rolling number slip on the internet, call to the BISE Kohat helpline on 0800-56428.

Here are a few additional points to be aware of when you receive your roll number slips:

  • You must ensure that you write your name and the name of your father exactly as shown on the admission form.
  • The captcha’s code is case-sensitive therefore make sure you type it in carefully.
  • If you are having issues using the online system, you can reach the BISE Kohat assistance line.

Kohat board roll number slip 2023 class 9

Kohat board roll number slip 2023 class 9

Before we go into the details, let’s look at certain important things to remember about Kohat Board Roll Number Slip 2023 for Class 9: 

  • Roll number slips are a required document that the students must bring at the time of taking their examinations.
  • It includes vital details such as the name of the student, his roll number, exam center information, and exam schedule.
  • This slip functions as an entry ticket to the examination room and is an essential part of the exam process.

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Understanding the Importance of the Roll Number Slip

The Kohat Board Roll Number Slip holds immense significance for students of Class 9. It acts as an official ID document during the time of examinations. There are the reasons why the slip of roll is important:

  1. Identity and verification. The slip includes the student’s photo, name as well as additional identification information. This ensures proper verification at the center of examination and prevents any impersonation.
  2. Examination Schedule. This slip contains an extensive exam schedule, which includes the dates as well as the time for each topic’s exam. Students can prepare efficiently and control their time efficiently.
  3. Exam Center.The name, address, and phone number of the exam center. This information is essential for students to get to the right location on exam day. Read Also dg Khan board 9th class result 2023

How to Obtain Your Roll Number Slip

The process of acquiring your Kohat Board Roll Number Slip for Class 9 is a simple procedure. Take these actions to make sure you receive your slip at the right time:

  •  Keep a watch on announcements issued by the Kohat Board regarding the roll number slip distribution schedule.
  •  When the distribution process has begun go to your school’s administration office to pick up the rolling number slip.
  •  Check the information on the slip to ensure exactness. If you find any discrepancies notify authorities immediately and request rectification.


Q: What data does the slip of roll number contain?

Roll number slips include the name of the student, his roll number, photo exam center information, and the exam schedule for each subject’s exam.

Q: Is it possible to take part in the exam without a sheet with the roll numbers?

The sheet of the roll is not a required document that acts as an entry card to the exam room. Students who do not have the slip cannot take the exam.

Q: How do I alter the wrong data on the roll slip?

If you discover any error or incorrect details on your roll number slip notify the school’s administration office immediately for any necessary adjustments.

Q: Is it possible to get another roll number slip if have lost mine?

In the event that you have lost the initial roll-number slip, it is possible to get an exact copy by following the steps laid out in Kohat Board. Kohat Board. This typically involves presenting an identification number and paying a small cost.


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