Majma Ul Uloom Results 2024 by Roll Number

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The Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia has released the results of its annual examinations for girls and boys, in 2024. The results can be viewed on the internet at To see results for the Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia Results 2024, go to the official site The examinations took place in 1443, by the Hijri calendar.

Majma Ul Uloom Results 2024 by Roll Number

Majma Ul Uloom Results 2023

Majma Ul Uloom Results 2024

The students are expected to help promote Islam in its pure and authentic form to people outside of their own countries and eventually serve as unpaid ambassadors for Pakistan in other countries.

Date of Announcement of Majma Ul Uloom Al Islamia Result 2024

You may see the Majma ul Uloom AL Islamia results on the website using the link provided below. On May 10, 2024, Jamiat-ur-Rasheed and Jamia Binoria, two educational institutions, respectively, became Majma-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia.  MUI result for 2024-1445.

Baneen and Banat, Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Outcome 2024

Internationally renowned Sharia scholars oversee cultural sciences. The curriculum of the board includes texts, Benn (domestic), Banat (domestic), Benn (foreign), and Banat (foreign) specialties. On, you can get the Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia Results 2024 for both boys and girls. Baneen and Banat can check Majma Ul Uloom Al-Islamia Result 1445 on this page.

Result in 2024 from

With the grace of Allah, students from 53 different nations are taking the test held under the authority of Majma-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia Pakistan. The administrators released the results for the 2024 Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia.
1445 Hijri Majma Ul Uloom AL Islamia OutcomeInshallah, these students will play their part in showing the world the authentic face of Islam in their nations, serving as unpaid ambassadors of Pakistan there. All of the pupils are blessed by Allah. The Benin (domestic), Banat (domestic), Benin (foreign), and Banat (foreign), specialties, and texts are included in the board’s syllabus.

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Results for Majma Ul Uloom 2024 by Roll Number

Jamiat-ur-Rasheed and Jamia Binoria collaborated to establish Majma-ul-Uloom Al-Islamia, an educational institution, on May 10, 2024. The yearly test for banners and banats at Dars e Nizami will be held from February 25 to March 2, 2024. The yearly Majma ul Uloom Al-Islamia Board exam results have been made public and are also available here.

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