Nust MBBS Merit List 2024

Nust MBBS Merit List 2024 Download

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The NSHC MBBS Merit List 2024 of the NUST School of Health Sciences was published on the 6th of January 2024. To download the merit list, please visit To see whether you are in the process of obtaining admission you will need to sign in to your account. The first-year classes will begin on February 8, 2024. This five-year MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, of Surgery) of Surgery) curriculum is provided through NUST Medical College (NSHS). Students who have completed an exam that is the Pakistani version of the FSc/HSSC exam are considered to be local students. They must have passed their education and pass their NUMS MDCAT at the time of 2024. International students aren’t required to pass the NUST MDCAT 2024.

Nust MBBS Merit List 2024

Nust MBBS Merit List 2024 Download

NUST Medical College MBBS Merit List 2024

The student may have been able to qualify in the HSSC in math or physics or completed the 12th-grade equivalent exam. For international students those who have a minimum score of 550 on every subject on the SAT II exam or who have passed an international MCAT as well as the UCAT exam with a 50% score of the courses they are taking. The only applicants who can be considered for admission into the MBBS program are those who have taken the NUMS MDCAT exam in 2024.

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NUST MBBS Merit List

Anyone who wishes be considered for admission to NUST School of Health Sciences (NSHS) for admission into 2024’s MBBS Session MBBS Session 2024 must meet the following requirements to be considered eligible:

  • Attained marks of 60% at SSC and HSSC. SSC and HSSC or the equivalent.
  • I have completed NUMS MDCAT 2024 with 55% marks.

For students who are studying locally the requirement is that they have the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent qualification recognized in Pakistan and have at minimum 60% of compulsory subjects being completed in chemistry and biology. The student could have passed the similar 12th grade exam or be a qualified student in either physics or mathematics to be eligible for HSSC. For International Students:Students who pass the foreign MCAT or UCAT exam with a minimum of 50 percent in the courses they are interested in or the SAT-II exam with at least 550 points in each area. Only those who have passed the NUMS MDCAT exam in 2024 are eligible to apply for admission into the MBBS program.

NUST Medical College MBBS Merit List 2024

However, applicants from abroad have their own requirements for being accepted. Achieving the required requirement of 50% marks in the relevant courses of that foreign MCAT and UCAT exam or achieving an optimum score of 550 for every section of the SAT-II exam is essential. Additionally only those who have passed the NUMS MDCAT exam in 2024 can apply to the highly sought-after MBBS program. The Merit List 2024

Insuring that the admission requirements are met standards is crucial. Local students, who have successfully completed 60 percent of the biology and chemistry subjects during the course of their HSSC or equivalent have to pass the NUMS MDCAT 2024. International students must attain the required scores for their respective foreign examinations to be considered.

Checklist of Merit 2024 NUST Medical College

So, for medical students hoping to get an entry into the NSHS NUST Medical College MBBS Merit List 2024, a thorough understanding of the admission requirements is crucial. Go to for the list of merits and ensure your future in medical. This list is published by educated. pk.

NUST Medical College Instructions to MBBS Merit List

  • Aggregate calculated using NUMS MDCAT 2024 marks, SSC and equivalent marks for HSSC/HSSC.
  • Admission is confirmed following the original verification of the document.
  • Discrepancies can cancel admission.
  • False documents are reported to PM&DC and will be a deterrent to future applications.
  • Admissions are based on PM&DC guidelines and rules 2024.
  • One admission is permitted. the disclosure of previous admissions is required.
  • Failure to report prior admissions can cancel NSHS admission.

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