On December 10, 2023, the Punjab Nursing Admission System PNAS PHF Gov Pk Merit List 2024 was revealed. Download the Gazette List of BSN Generic Nursing Programmes (Male/Female), which includes a 4-year program that is two years after the RN diploma and a specialized 1-year program. Except for errors and omissions. Stay tuned for the most current changes asjobs24.pk.pk promptly gives the most recent PNAS Punjab first, second, third, and final list of applicants based on their merit. View the online PNAS Merit List 2023. The merit lists for every pnas2 phf gop pk have been uploaded. Download the 2024 merit list from www.pnas.phf.gop.pk here.

PNAS Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd @ www.pna.punjab.gov.pk

PNAS Merit List 2024 1st, 2nd and 3rd pnas2.phf.gop.pk


PNAS Merit List 2024

To see to view the Merit List, please visit the official website of PNAS and follow the instructions. It is the Merit List will provide you with details about your rank and admission status. If you have any issues in using the Merit List online, please tell us about your issues in the comments and we’ll help you in the right way. It is available for download. Gazette List for BSN Generic (Male/Female), BSN Generic Nursing 4 years following the RN Diploma as well as the 01 Year Degree Specialization Program is available for download right now. Check PNAS Merit List 2024 via www.pnas.phf.gov.pk. Punjab Nursing Admissions System PNAS PHF The Gop Pk Merit List 2024 has been released. 

What is the PNAS Merit List?

The PNAS merit list contains candidates that were selected to be accepted to nursing colleges in Punjab. The list is compiled based on candidates’ academic performance from their previous examinations as well as their performance on their performance on the PNAS admission test. A merit list is created by the PNAS employing an algorithm that is based on the marks that candidates have earned during their previous tests and their performance in the entrance exam. Candidates who get the best scores are ranked at the top of the merit lists and receive the first chance to attend nursing schools.

How is the Merit List Prepared?

The PNAS merit list is constructed using a formula that considers the marks that candidates earned during their previous tests in addition to their performance in the test to gain entry. The formula works in the following manner:

Merit = (Marks in Matriculation x 10%) + (Marks in Intermediate x 40%) + (Marks in Entry Test x 50%)

The marks earned by applicants who have taken the Matriculation or Intermediate exam are multiplied by 10 and 40 percent depending on the exam. The marks earned during the entrance test are multiplied by 50 percent. The sum combination of the three figures is the merit score for each candidate.

PNAS Merit List 2024

The procedure for registering to register for the BSC Nursing Generic (4-Year Degree) Program was revealed. BSC Nursing Generic (4-Year Degree) Program was launched for Pakistani male and female students in 28 colleges, which are part of HEC Upgraded Colleges. Punjab Nursing Admission System PNAS Merit lists are available. Soon, applicants can visit this site to view the first, second third, and 4th PNAS merits list to be released for 2024. The process for applying for the BSN Generic and other courses is managed by the Directorate General of Nursing Service Punjab. This is the PNAS Merits list for 2024. Also, check Punjab Police Station Assistant Jobs 2023 

PNAS 1st Merit List 2024

The Pakistan National Admission System (PNAS) has announced the 1st Merit List for 2024. The Merit List includes the ranking and admission status of applicants who applied for a variety of programs via PNAS. To view this 1st Merit List, visit the official website of PNAS and follow the instructions. Its Merit List will display the names of the candidates who have achieved the top ratings and who have been granted admission into their programs of choice. If your name is on the first Merit List you can follow the required registration procedures according to the guidelines provided to you by PNAS. Thank you to all the successful candidates!

PNAS 2nd Merit List 2024

The PNAS has released its second Merit List for 2024. The Merit List has the latest ranking and admission status of candidates who have submitted applications for various programs via PNAS. To view this PNAS Second Merit List log on to PNAS’s official site PNAS then follow the directions that are provided. This 2nd Merit List will show the names of applicants who were granted admission based on the number of seats available after having been placed in the first Merit List. If your name is listed at the top of the Merit List then you must begin the application process by the guidelines given from the PNAS. Congrats to the successful applicants!

PNAS 3rd Merit List 2024

PNAS has released the Merit List for 2024. PNAS has released its third Merit List for 2024. The Merit List contains the most recent ranking and admission status of candidates who have submitted applications for various programs via PNAS. To view this PNAS Third Merit List log on to the website for PNAS then follow the instructions. It is the 3rd Merit List that will display the names of applicants who were offered admission based upon the remaining seats that are available following two merit lists. List. If your name is listed at the top of the third Merit List you will be required to enroll in the timeframe specified according to the guidelines given by the PNAS. Thank you to all the successful candidates!

pnas phf gop pk merit list 2024

PNAS phf gov pk Merit Lists 2024 Male & Female 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and final check online via @www.pnas.phf.gop.pk. The pans pdf gop PK Merit Lists of 2024 of the Punjab Nursing Admission System has been made public here. PNAS Gazette List for the post-RN diploma for four years, two years along with the one-year specialization BSN programs are available to download on this website. Merit lists of the four-year BSc Nursing General Course are accessible to students of all levels. The first, second as well and final lists of merits are out. If you’re interested in applying for the FMCN Multan Bachelor of Science in Nursing program 2024 you must apply online before the date of the final test. The opportunity is open to applicants who have scored high scores on their FSc Pre-Medical tests.

How do you look up the PNAS Merit List 2024 1st 2nd, 3rd, and 1st

The steps on how to check the Merit List 2024 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at www.pna.punjab.gov.pk:

  1. Visit this site to access the Punjab Nursing Admission System PNAS website.
  2. Click on the “PNAS Merit List”.
  3. Choose the academic year 2024.
  4. You must enter the CNIC account number as well as your password.
  5. Hit”Submit” and “Submit” click.
  6. A merit list will appear on the screen.

pnas phf merit lists 2024

A final list of merits of applicants for admission to BSN Generic (Male) has been published. Candidates who made the merit list on the fifth list must be present at the Nursing College Shahdrah in Lahore by 21st July 2024 to apply. They must be able to bring the original transcripts of their matriculation Fsc certificates of success and Fsc exam results cards CNICs as well as Form Bs along with joining letters, photos that are passport-sized along with receipts for deposits vouchers. First come first served may be used to fill up seats.

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PNAS Phf Gov Pk Login

Acceptance of the BS Nursing Generic 4 Years Program, which pays monthly stipends was made public in the Directorate General of Nursing Services Punjab. Nursing is a very popular choice for female college students.

PNAS BS Nursing Merit List 2024

This page will stay informed on this page, including this information. PNAS PHF Gov PK candidate list as well as the merit list of the first list, as well as another merit list, and an additional merit list of those candidates selected. The third and second merit lists may be downloaded in PDF format on this site. www.pnas.phf.gov.pk These results are released and announced after the release of the merit list. You can download the BSN Generic (Female) merit list by clicking this link. Candidates selected for the list must visit the nearest DHQ hospital they applied for information.


What is the PNAS Merit List?

The PNAS Merit List is a high-profile award that honors those who have achieved excellence in their field, recognizing their accomplishments and contributions.

What criteria are used to determine how the holders of positions are chosen?

The candidates are chosen by a rigorous process of evaluation by a specialized panel of judges. They look at factors like academic excellence in addition to leadership, innovation, and contributions to society.

What is it that you need to do to earn a place at this point?

A spot on the PNAS Merit List signifies exceptional dedication, competence, and dedication to a chosen field of study. It’s a sign of respect and inspiration to other people.

Are there any applicants to be on an application for the PNAS Merit List?

The PNAS Merit List typically considers nominations from a variety of sources, such as academic institutions, professionals from industry, and experts who identify outstanding individuals.

How can the list be inspiring to others?

The list includes personal stories of people who have faced difficulties, worked hard, and achieved remarkable successes. Their stories serve as a motivation for others to strive for excellence.

Where can I get more details about the athletes?

There is a wealth of details about successful students on the official PNAS Merit List website, as well as other reliable sources.