Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Apply Online Form

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The provincial government has launched this program to help people find jobs in collaboration in partnership with the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PISC) and Bank of Punjab (BOP). The Punjab government Punjab began the newly-created Punjab Rozgar Scheme in partnership with BOP. The registration process began on this page. Download an application form here. Punjab Rozgar Scheme application form and register yourself online right now. you can apply Punjab Rozgar Scheme online from here. 

To provide information to those who wish to start their own business on a modest scale, now is the time to start. Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Apply Online Application Rozgar psic.punjab.gov.pk is announced due to COVID-19, a large number of people are no longer able to find work and they are trying to find jobs but failing. Therefore, the head of the government of Punjab has officially stated that the provincial government will offer loans with a low-interest rate for those who begin to work on small-scale businesses.

All details on Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 are provided in full detail. individuals can follow the instructions along with those aged between 20 and 50 persons can benefit from this scheme however, under this program, many who wish to begin their own business can begin. The return policy for loans is easy since as per the guidelines of government officials in Pakistan individuals can return their loan amounts between two to five years. The registration process has begun, and only a few days remain and then the loan is closed.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Apply Online Form

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023

Punjab Government will distribute the amount of 30 Billion rupees to 16 thousand residents. According to the management, 1.6 Million people would find jobs. Furthermore, all details about Punjab Rozgar Plan 2023 Application Online Application Form Rozgar psic.punjab.gov.pk is provided in the text below.

Punjab Raozgar Scheme 2023 psic.punjab.gov.pk has announced that individuals are able to apply for the scheme, while middle-class, lower-middle, and transgender individuals are eligible for the scheme. The loan application process has begun and people have submitted applications for loans, as well since everyone is qualified because according to the authorities of Pakistan 20-to-50-year-old women only qualify for the loan.

How to Apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023

The complete information on How to Apply for Punjab Rozgar Program 2023 is provided below. Just go through the steps and you’ll feel comfortable filling out your application online. In addition, if you have any questions regarding the application process online, you can contact the Bank of Punjab and they will assist you through the process.

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Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Apply Online Form

Registration Form

Most people are confused about how to submit applications and now they can fill out an online application to apply for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023. The information is available below, and applicants can take a look.

  •  If people click on this link, an application will show in their browser.
  •  You must provide all the information required by government officials.
  • Once you have completed the form, hit submit and your application will be registered.
  • If you fill in incorrect information, then your application will be rejected.
  • After you have submitted your application, the administration for this plan will review your information, so be cautious when filling out the form. filling.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2023 Last Date to Apply

Punjab Rozgar Scheme the Last date for applying is scheduled to be announced by the official. Those who are interested but want to check the deadline to apply now, because only a few days ago they announced the last date to apply. If they announce the date of the last day the date will be announced here.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab government Punjab has published its Punjab Rozgar Scheme Eligibility Criteria therefore before applying, please review them before submitting an application for a loan. The criteria are given below. Read attentively.

  • Transgender, male and female are admissible
  • Applicant must reside in Punjab and be a national of Pakistan,
  • Business space
  •  For businesses that are just starting out and for those who have a new business
  •  those who run businesses in a limited manner are qualified for this scheme
  • Valid CNIC
  • The person applying for the position must have a certification in TVET as well as vocational instruction
  • College and university certificates, along with entrepreneurial skills
  • Existing businesses ( Government will favor those that were in business but, due to COVID-19, were unable to do business due to COVID-19.)
  • Other and micro-sized enterprises may apply and receive the loan amount in the amount of Lack to 1 billion.

Who is eligible for the Scheme? Punjab Rozgar Scheme Online Apply

1. Graduates of colleges and universities with entrepreneurial abilities

2. Holder of a TPE certificate/diploma with technical or vocational education.

3. Craftsmen and skilled workers

4. Existing firms (however in the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic existing businesses are likely to be the most more likely to be)

5. Micro-enterprises and other companies can apply for loans to help them implement efficient and sustainable production methods or environmental-friendly measures to enhance their performance in the environment.

6. Women, men, transgender individuals, and those disabled between the ages of 20 to 50.

What kind of are loans available through the Punjab Rozgar Program?

Under this scheme, the applicants are offered concessional loans of up to thirty billion dollars. The applicant may request a loan ranging from PKR 100,000/- up to 10,000,000/

Benefits Punjab Rozgar Program BOP 2023

  •  Minimum mark-up rate
  • This scheme was initiated and is organized with the help of Punjab’s Small Industries and corporations.
  • A huge amount of loan will be given PKR 100,000 / up to 10,000,000 per year.
  • Duration 2-5 years

Criteria For Punjab Rozgar Scheme BOP 2023

  • The following eligibility requirements must be met to process loans in the Punjab Rozgar Program:
  • Age: 20-50 years old
  • Gender: male/female/transgender
  • Residence: Pakistani citizen residing in Punjab Verified through CNIC
  • Business Location: Punjab
  • Type of business: Sole trader or partnership or any other company that meets the other requirements to be a participant.
  • Need to have a clean eCB or credit history
  • For new or start-up businesses
  • A viable business plan
  •  For businesses that are already in operation.
  • Implementing a sustainable business plan that focuses on assisting in the implementation of COVID-19
  • Possessing an active CNIC
  •  Any other parameter that is set to be set by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) or the government.

Feature Description

  • Maximum loan limit: Up to Rs. 10.00 million Net loans starting at the amount of Rs. Rs 100,000 to 1,000,000. Secured loans: starting at 1 to Rs. 1,000,001 / – up to Rs. 10,000,000 / -Under the Punjab Green Development Program. The amount of 10 million is restricted for this program. loan limit will be the same. However, priority is given to micro-businesses prepared to adopt technologies that help the environment and have the capacity of 10-12 people.
  • The purpose of the loan is to start an entirely new business that is balancing, modernization, and replacing (BM&R) for existing FacilitiesWorking capital
  • IHR sector Trade, manufacturing, service agricultural, animal husbandry(Green micro-businesses / ones that improve quality as defined above will be considered as part of the Punjab Green Development Program)
  • One-time commission processing fee for applications of Rs. 2000/- (not refundable) at the moment of the application
  • The term for loan or repayment is Between 02 and 5 years old, including the grace period. You must pay back the loan you obtained during this time
  • Grace period up 6 (06) months (however an additional charge applies for the grace time)
  • Type of Loan Punjab Rozgar Program Term loan according to the policy that the institution has and the need for working capital
  • Capital cost Cost of capital that is borne by the Borrowerplus five percent for net lending5 percent for secured loans
  • Debt equity: Equity (80:20 (for men)90:10 (Women transgender, women and disabled people)(This means that the lender will contribute 20% / 10% = 21%/11 percent of the project’s cost)
  • Loans granted in installments (s) as per an approved plan of business


  • Your photo with a clean face
  • The front side of CNIC
  • Backside of CNIC
  • Experience certificates
  • The most recent educational degree or Certificate (Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor, etc.), etc.
  • Scanned copies of the Security Documents that will be made available in order to avail the Loan Scheme

These are the criteria to be considered for eligibility to the Scheme:

  • You must reside in Punjab
  • You shouldn’t have a criminal record
  • You shouldn’t be older than 55 years old by 1st January 2020.
  • The annual income of your family must not exceed 2.25 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Lakhs) according to
  • You must have completed 12th standard or a similar degree from a recognized school or university

Punjab Rozgar Login

This is the biggest job program ever to be held in Punjabi history. More than Rs. 30 billion of loans in simple terms is available for loans that are greater than Rs. 30 billion. In excess of 1.6 million people will get jobs. Through job programs and employment services, millions of young individuals will be financially independent. With Punjab Employment Scheme, Punjab Employment Scheme will allow educated youth to offer work to others.

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How to Register for Punjab Rozgar Scheme Online?

The registration of The Punjab Rozgar Scheme registration process is simple and can be completed online. Here’s how in order to be a part of the scheme

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

To begin the registration process, one is required to access the official website of the Punjab Rozgar Scheme. The website can be accessed at https://rozgar.psic.punjab.gov.pk. Once you’ve accessed the site and logged in, you’ll be able to view the homepage.

Step 2: Create an Account

To join in to participate in the Punjab Rozgar Scheme, you need to register for an account on the website that is official. Click the “Register” button on the homepage, which will take you directly to the page to complete registration. You will be required to enter the name of your email, address, and password to create an account.

Step 3: Fill out the Application Form

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be required to complete your application. The application form asks you to provide your personal information including your name birth date, your birthday, and contact information. Additionally, you need to provide your educational background along with any work-related information.

Step 4: Upload Your Documents

After you have completed an application form, it’s time to upload the required documents. The documents you need to include are those that are on the National Identity Card (NIC) along with academic certificates and experiences certificates.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

After uploading the documents files, you need to read through your application carefully and submit it. After your application is accepted and inspected by personnel from the Punjab Rozgar Scheme team. In the event that your request is considered to be accepted and you are contacted for further processing.


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