Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023-24 Last Date to Apply

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Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023-24 The Al Khidmat Bano Qabil program has begun taking online applications for the class of 2023 students. The program is available to both boys and girls who live in Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi. If you’d like to take part in Bano Qabil 2023’s online courses ensure that you sign up by the date of expiry. If you sign up, you’ll be able to increase your knowledge and acquire the knowledge to take the entry exam to be a part of BanoQabil.

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023-24 Last Date to Apply

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023

Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023-24

Al Khidmat Bano Qabil Program Lahore is taking online applications for the upcoming cohort in 2023. Get ready for the Bano Qabil entrance test, which will take place in Minar e Pakistan Lahore, in accordance with the timetable. Candidates who are interested can sign up through the Bano Qabil app for free online classes. If you’re not registered yet you can visit the Bano Qabil website at There is a registration form there.

Al-Khidmat has joined forces with numerous organizations and institutions to provide thousands of students the chance to study these courses or earn degrees at no expense. We are concerned about the future of our children and the world they will create. To sign up to attend Bano Qabil 2023, you are able to complete the Online Registration Form. The deadline to sign up for the free IT Courses offered in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is 20 November 2023. Girls and boys are able to enroll.

Bano Qabil Courses

1. Web Developer:

Do enjoy web development? The Web Developer course covers PHP/Laravel MERN Stack Development, and ASP.NET Core MVC development, to equip you with the knowledge required to build amazing websites and applications.

2. App Developer:

During this class, you will learn an understanding of Dart Programming as well as Application Development using Flutter & Dart. Additionally, testing using the two languages is taught as well as the fundamental aspects of the millennial age of Entrepreneurship.

3. Graphic Designer

Do you have an artistic flair? Our Graphic Designer training could be the thing you need to get in the direction of becoming an artist in the field! Learn how to utilize the computer and hand-drawn tools to create visually appealing concepts that entice and enthrall other people.

4. The Amazon FBA

Virtual Assistant course will equip you with the necessary skills to perform Product Hunting, Listing, and optimization using Amazon FBA. Learn about Wholesale and Private Label distinctions while becoming an Amazon Seller Central professional.

5. Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer Digital Marketing course will cover Marketing Principles, Search Marketing and optimization for Social Media Optimization Content Marketing, Affiliates, and Lead Nurturing, as well as Analytics. Additionally, we will look at the basics of millennial entrepreneurship.

How to Sign Up in order to apply for Bano Qabil Online 2023

To apply to join Bano Qabil online in 2023 Follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Bano Qabil at
  • Complete the necessary information like the student’s name, telephone number, gender, and the selected course, and send the form.
  • Always check your Bano Qabil official website and their Facebook page for updates
  • Please note it is important to note that Bano Qabil courses are free however, students must pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 3,000 before classes begin. The deposit will be completely reimbursed at the end of the course to avoid drop-outs.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to successfully enroll to apply for Bano Qabil online in 2023 and avail the IT scholarships offered by the Alkhidmat Foundation.

Bano Qabil Al Khidmat Registration

Jamaat-e-Islami & Alkhidmat Karachi has launched a very hopeful Bano Qabil program that aims at providing job opportunities for both boys and girls in Karachi. Participants who are selected will be provided with IT knowledge and training to earn an income that is decent in the coming 6 months.

Last Date for Bano Qabil Online Registration Form 2023

Students who are enrolled may join Bano Qabil. Bano Qabil application to take online classes for free. If you’re still not registered or have any reason to not be you may visit this website Bano Qabil website to register yourself banoqabil.pkThe deadline to submit the Bano Qabil online registration form for the intake of 2023. Be sure to fill in the form and submit it before the deadline date to be considered eligible to participate in the program.

Organization: Bano Qabil
Bano Qabil Entry Test: Aptitude Test
Collaboration: Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi & Al-Khidmat
Offers Courses Amazon FBA graphic designer, Social Media Marketer, Freelancer, Web Developer App Developer, etc.
Bano Qabil login: Please Click Here
Bano Qabil Location: The 501 Quaideen Colony Karachi
Bano Qabil app: Download Bano Qabil APK
Bano Qabil Registration Form: Go Here

How do I register for the The Bano Qabil Aptitude Exam?

  • Go to or click the link at the bottom of the table.
  • Register and create your account.
  • Enter your name and mobile number, and then choose your gender.
  • Choose your education level.
  • Please indicate your city and region.
  • Choose your preferred option.
  • Fill into the Captcha.
  • Hit on the “Registration” button.

It’s that easy! Be ready to display your talents and begin a journey of discovery through Bano Qabil.

Bano Qabil Aptitude Registration for Boys

Bano Qabil also offers an aptitude registration program specifically for boys. This program is created to help boys develop and attain their goals. The program provides classes and programs for training in different subjects, including IT health, business, and education. The aim of this program is to aid young men in achieving their goals by giving them the tools in confidence, knowledge, and knowledge required to succeed in the field they decide to pursue. Bano Qabil also provides mentoring and networking opportunities to allow young men to network with experts in their field and create a solid support network.

Bano Qabil Login

The Bano Qabil aptitude test is conducted under The name of Alkhidmat Karachi Live. If you have an account with Bano Qabil, and you have registered with Bano Qabil’s website,  you can use those login credentials to log in to your account and then fill in the online registration form. If you’ve forgotten the password to your account, select”forgot your password” on the login page. Click on the “forgot password” link on the login page and follow the steps to reset your password.


Who is eligible to apply for this program? Bano Qabil Program?

Females who are Pakistani citizens who are between 18 and 35 years old and who hold at least, a bachelor’s degree of education are able to be considered for admission to the program.

Do I need to be part of more than one program or course?

Yes, you are able to submit an application for more than one course or training program however, you’ll need to make distinct applications to each of the courses.

Does there have to be a cost for this program?

This Bano Qabil program is free for everyone who participates. However, you’ll have to cover your own lodging and travel costs when traveling to a class as well as other events.

When will the Bano Qabil program last?

The duration of the course will differ based on the course or training program you choose to sign up for. Certain classes can last just one or two days, while others could be months long to complete.


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