The Law Admission Test (LAT) for the five-year LLB Program will be held in January 2024. LAT Registration for HEC 2024’s deadline is January 8th, 2023. The process to apply for the LAT Test is provided below. To register online, go to this link to the HEC web site. Go to the URL http // for the online registration link below. If you encounter any issues with online registration, go to and look up lat registration. You will be able to access all the details step-by-step. Higher Education Commission advertised the admission slips for the law. Registration Opens: January 8, 2024

  • Registration Deadline: January 17, 2024
  • Test Date: February 4, 2024
  • The deadline for applications to the LAT test is January 8, 2024.

HEC LAT Test Registration 2024 Last Date

HEC LAT Test Registration 2024

According to the schedule that was released in the schedule released by the Higher Education Commission, the Law Admission Test (LAT) was held on the 12th of November 2023. The online registration process is now open for the HEC LAT Registration 2024. Students aspiring to earn a law degree must complete this exam.

Event Details
LAT for Five-year LLB Program January 2024
HEC LAT Test Registration 2024 Deadline: January 8, 2023
How to Apply Register online at
For assistance, visit time2study. online registration
Law Admission Slip Schedule Advertised by the Higher Education Commission
Supreme Court Declaration The HEC Law Admission Test is a requirement for Law Students
Next LAT Test Application Date January 8, 2024 to register online

The increase in the number of students who are registering to take the exam has led to greater pressure in the weeks leading up to the date for the test. If you encounter any issues during the registration process online you can visit our site and search LAT registration to get step-by-step directions.

HEC LAT Test Registration 2024

LAT Test Online Registration 2024

The test will be held across various centers located in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. For online registration in 2024, please visit It is a compulsory prerequisite for admission into the LLB program. to sign up online until 2024

The Supreme Court’s decision did not expressly address the fee for testing. Under its responsibilities, The Higher Education Commission is fully accountable for the LAT schedule for 2024, which includes the deadline for registration and the date of the test. The registration process is open now to take The Law Admission Test (LAT). The LAT Registration

To download the LAT Schedule advertisement, click on the button. It is the Higher Education Commission has advertised the schedule of law admission slips. You can confirm that the Law Admission Test (LAT) dates by visiting the official HEC website.

Registration Online LAT 2024

The aim of this announcement isn’t to evaluate the abilities of the candidate but rather to determine if they are eligible to pursue legal studies. This is the second test for LAT of the year. Registration is taking place. It is reported that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has made this test to be the HEC Law Admission Test mandatory for law students.

HEC LAT Test Schedule 2024

Candidates will be able to find all of the important details about HEC LAT Test Registration 2024. You can also look up the Test date at the page. The schedule for admission slips to law is out from the Higher Education Commission.

Division of Question

Nature of Questions


Essay (English or Urdu) 200 words maximum 15
Personal Statement (English and Urdu) Maximum 200 words 10
MCQs English Synonyms/Antonyms/Prepositions 20
MCQs GK General Knowledge 20
Islamic Studies MCQs 10
Pak Study MCQs 10
MCQs Urdu Vocabulary 10
Basic MCQs Basic Math 05
Total Marks 100
Passing Marks 50

HEC Law Admission Test Date 2024

It is therefore essential to make the effort to pass the test. After the registration process is completed, HEC will verify the information provided and then issue roll number slips to applicants.


Q Who can apply 2024 for The HEC LAT Test in 2024?

A: Generally, those who have passed the intermediate (or equivalent) with at minimum 50% marks can sit in the LAT Test. HEC LAT Test. It is highly recommended to review the eligibility requirements specific to your situation at the top of the HEC website as well as within the LAT Test guidelines.

What is HTML0? Q. How do I log in to the HEC LAT Test Registration Portal?

HEC Testing Portal LAT? A: Go to the official Higher Education Commission website and go to the section devoted to the Law Admission Test. Find Registration links or tabs and search for relevant terms such as “HEC LAT Test Registration 2024” to get easy access.

Q Is there an application cost to take the HEC LAT Test?

The answer is yes, the candidates must pay a registration fee which is typically specified within the LAT Test guidelines. The fee is payable by the designated bank and more details on payment options are available via the official HEC website.

Q What documents will I require to register to complete to register for HEC LAT Testing Registration?

A: Essential Documents include valid CNIC or B-Form. Also, recent passport-sized images, as well as educational certificate (Intermediate or similar). Be sure to have scanned duplicates of all these certificates available to upload them at the time of registration.

Q Can I select the test center I prefer and the test date when I register?

Answer: Yes applicants can choose their preferred test location and time during the registration procedure. It is advised to register early to guarantee your preferred choices because test centers might be limited in capacity.

Q What happens following the completion of your HEC Testing Registration for the LAT?

A: Following successful registration, applicants will receive an email confirmation. Admit cards with information on the test location and time will be released nearer to the time of the test. Make a copy of the admit card and check regularly HEC’s website of the official HEC website for any updates.

Q Can I edit my details after completing the registration procedure?

A: It is essential to provide accurate information when registering. In the event of any errors, applicants can reach the HEC assistance line or the support available on the official site for assistance.

Q Is there a minimum age limit to take the HEC LAT Test?

Answer: There’s usually no age restriction for the LAT Test. HEC LAT test. However, candidates must meet the academic requirements as specified by the LAT Test guidelines.

Q Do foreigners have the right to be eligible to take an application for the HEC LAT test?

1. The HEC LAT Test is primarily developed specifically for Pakistani citizens. However, some specific rules or exemptions could apply. It is suggested to contact the HEC or other relevant authorities to get the most accurate details.