HEC USAID Talent Hunt Program for Free MDCAT Preparation 2023

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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan, as well as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), have joined forces to jointly provide a no-cost MDCAT preparation course for female students of low-income families. It will offer the students access to top-quality, complete MDCAT preparation materials and resources, in addition to the chance to attend live online classes taught by experienced instructors. The program is available to women who completed the intermediate (pre-medical) exams with a minimum 80 percent score. Applicants must be residents or residents of Pakistan as well as Azad J&K (AJK).

The deadline for applying to the program is July 8, 2023. For more information, students interested in applying are able to visit the official HEC THP portal. The HEC USAID Talent Hunt Program to provide MDCAT preparation for free in 2023 offers a fantastic opportunity for female students coming from families with low income to fulfill their dream of becoming an MD. The program will give them the necessary resources to be successful in the MDCAT exam and gain admission into Pakistan’s most prestigious medical institutions.

HEC USAID Talent Hunt Program for Free MDCAT Preparation 2023

HEC USAID Talent Hunt Program for Free MDCAT Preparation

HEC USAID Talent Hunt Program

HEC announces USAID funding for the Talent Hunt Program (THP) to help with Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) preparation for students who are deserving. The program aims at promoting and preparing women with talent from low-income families that want to go to pursue higher education, but are unable to be admitted to the most prestigious Pakistani schools due to financial difficulties required to pay for professional entrance test preparation workshops.

This program focuses on identifying girls who have outstanding MAtriculation and FA/FSc scores prior to the timeframe and investing in them with training for entry tests to prepare their admission into engineering, medical and general universities in Pakistan. The last day when you can apply for USAID HEC Entry Test preparation is July 8th, 2023. Also, Check UHS Merit List 2023 

Eligibility Criteria for USAID Talent Hunt MDCAT Preparation

  • A student has to be Pakistani/AJ&K national
  • Must be part of a lower-income family
  • Have attained an average of 80% or more in Intermediate

Program Covers

  • Stipend
  • A test-like exercise will be conducted following the workshop that was designed to prepare

How to Apply

  • Applications can be submitted online at https://talenthunt.hec.gov.pk/
  • Applications will then be analyzed by the HEC Committee to determine the suitability of the candidate.
  • A merit-based list of applicants will be developed using academic records and criteria based on needs established under the program.
  • The offer letters are sent to the top candidates based on the slots available.

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