The official JCAT Exam Schedule for 2024 has not been announced yet. However, the date expected for the March exam is March 3rd, 2024. Application forms for the JCAT Joint Centralized Admission Test (JCAT) can be downloaded from these websites: KEMU (, UHS ( and FJMU ( The application form can also be sent by courier prior to the deadline within the hours of operation. JCAT Examination: The JCAT Examination will be held each year at the times set by the coordinator of Examination, BOPGMS/ Controller of Examination, KEMU, Lahore as per the decisions of the Joint Admission Commission.

The total marks for the JCAT Examination will be 250. JCAT Examination will be 250 and will be split in the following ways:

  • Written Paper. Total marks equal 200
  • Video-Projected Clinical Exam. Marks Total equal 50

JCAT Exam The JCAT Examination will consist of the following parts:


The written exam will comprise 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with one correct answer. The MCQs will take place on the following topics:

  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Allied Subjects


The VPCE will comprise 10 stations with each having a five-minute duration. The VPCE will test the candidate’s skills in clinical which include taking notes physical examination, problem-solving, and communication abilities.


The applicant as of the last date for submitting an application for admission should have the following:

  • Basis Medical Qualification of MBBS/BDS or an equivalent medical certificate accepted from Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
  • One year’s certificate of House Job work experience at institutions that are recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.
  • A valid certificate of permanent or temporary membership for registration with the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

For more details, go to the official websites of KEMU, UHS, or FJMU.

The JCAT Exam Schedule for 2023 hasn’t been announced yet. However, based on last year’s schedule, the JCAT test is expected to be conducted in October 2023. The Joint Centralized Admission Test (JCAT) is an entrance exam for postgraduate medical students that is administered by King Edward Medical University (KEMU) for admission into Master of Surgery (MS), Doctor of Medicine (MD) as well as Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) programs offered by public medical institutions situated in Punjab, Pakistan.

The JCAT exam is comprised of two components:

  • Written paper: The written paper comprises 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that are based on fundamental science, medical general dentistry, surgery, and specialization-specific subjects.
  • Video-Projected Clinical Examination (VPCE): The VPC is comprised of 50 MCQs that are based on scenarios from clinical practice.

To be able to sit for the JCAT test, candidates must possess an MBBS qualification from an accredited institution and had one full year in housework at a recognized institution.

The JCAT exam is generally conducted once per year, and the results are released in the course of a couple of weeks following the test.

JCAT Exam Schedule 2023 Apply Online Last Date

JCAT Exam Schedule 2023 Apply Online Last Date

JCAT Exam Schedule 2023

This is why we have here the JCAT Test Schedule 2023 and the test results. Also, KEMU candidates may check the date of the test and the results here. In general, a lot of people are seeking MS/MD or MDS admission to colleges.

JCAT MD/MS Exam Schedule 2023

In reality, the ad for the previous year was released during the month of August the year. The date for the JCAT exam however was the 3rd of October, for those who decided to attend the test center. In addition, the procedure to take part in the test was announced via the website for JCAT.

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Last Date to Apply for JCAT 2023

King Edward Medical University conducts the Joint Centralized Admission Test, which is a part of the Joint Centralized Admission Test. Therefore, the exam controller, located in Lahore has provided that the test date has been announced for applicants who have submitted their application. So, applicants will be able to find out the date and time the date and time for the test to be conducted in the section of this page.

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So, the administration of the exam will be restricted only to Master of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine as well as Master of Dental programs, in contrast to those of the MS, MD, and MDS programs themselves. Students can begin checking their exam schedules according to the dates mentioned below. On this site you’ll be able to find out the exact date of the JCAT test you’ll be taking. Therefore, you should look at the table below for more information about each exam’s schedule.

JCAT Admission Notices Announced

The test date has been changed to a Saturday, based on the test date mentioned above. We’ve put together all the details you’ll require to pass the MS-specific JCAT test.

JCAT Portal Roll No Slip 2023 Download

Results of the JCAT will be released to candidates only after the exam date has been completed. So, following the test, the candidates are urged to keep an eye on this page to see if there are any changes to their results. Once the authorities announce the test results to candidates, we’ll inform you.

Download the JCAT admit card

Candidates can also access the schedule online via the above link. In the event that JCAT Exam results are ready, they will be made available to our readers via this site. As a result, the test results will be delivered in time, without having to look to another site.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 How can I enroll in the JCAT Exam Schedule 2023?

JCAT Exam Schedule 2023? Q: Registration for the JCAT Exam is done online via this official website. Be sure to sign up by the dates specified.

What subjects are included in the JCAT Exam?

The JCAT Exam examines the knowledge of a range of disciplines, such as sciences, mathematics as well as language arts, and much more. Examiners should refer to the official guidelines for more details.

Is there a fee to register for the JCAT Exam?

Q: Yes, there is a fee for registration to The JCAT Examination. The fee is based on the difficulty of the exam as well as the location of your exam.

How can I prepare for the essay portion of the JCAT Exam?

Answer: To excel in the essay section, you should practice writing essays on a variety of topics and ask for feedback from tutors or teachers.

 What is the passing score for the JCAT Exam?

The passing score for the JCAT Exam varies by subject and level. Consult the guidelines of the JCAT for specific requirements regarding score.

Can I retake the JCAT Exam in case I fail?

Answer: Yes, you could retake the JCAT Exam even if you do not pass. There could be a wait time before you can sign up to retake the exam.