LHV Merit List 2023 24

LHV Merit List 2023 24 List of All Shortlisted Candidates

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The list of candidates selected for LHV 2023 is available. The list was released at the end of December 2023. It was published in December 2023. Lady Health Visitor (LHV) Merit List 2023 of different regions in Pakistan is available, and you can download the PDF here. To check out the list, visit the official sites of health agencies of every province, or visit the websites of nursing schools.

The official website has announced on the official website has released LHV the official website has released the LHV Merit List for the 2023-2025 session. Candidates are encouraged to check their names in the merit list available through the official website. It is reported that the Directorate General Nursing Punjab has released the outcomes of its two-year LHV program. The candidates who have been selected can choose the school they prefer or change their choices. This LHV merit list is accessible below. The screening procedure for LHV has been completed and the health department has announced the results. Candidates who were rejected are advised to select the institute they prefer and the period for amendment is between November 5, 2023 and December 9, 2023.

LHV Merit List 2023 24 List of All Shortlisted Candidates

LHV Merit List 2023 24

LHV Merit List 2023 24

The LHV Merit List is compiled according to the candidate’s performance in the admissions test as well as their academic achievements. Candidates who score the highest scores on the merit list get preference for admission into the LHV program.

Title 02 Year LHV Diploma Course Merit List
Admission To Public Health Nursing School of Punjab
Last Date to Apply 10 November, 2023
The Merit List will be displayed 20 November, 2023
Check Merit List Click Here to Check Online
Classes begin at December 01, 2023

LHV Merit List 2023 24 Check Online

To view the LHV Merit List for 2023 online, comply with these steps:

  • Visit the official site of the institution or organization responsible for running the LHV program.
  • Find look for “Admissions” or “Merit List” section on the website.
  • Click here to download to access the LHV Merit List for the 2023 year.
  • You must enter your credentials, like your registration number, or ID, if needed.
  • Send the form and then wait for the website to load.
  • The LHV Merit List for 2023 is expected to be displayed on a screen, displaying the names of those who have been selected for consideration.

LHV Merit List Date 2023

The Merit List for Lady Health Visitor 2023-24 will be announced on the 20th of November 2023. To view the selection roster visit this page. Punjab Nursing PHF Portal at nursing.phf.gop.pk.


Q: How do I access the Merit List 2023?

The official website of the healthcare agency or department that is responsible for LHV hiring is the most reliable source for checking for the LHV Merit List 2023. Check the website and look for a section or page devoted to the LHV process or the results. Enter your information, like the information you received from your training program, or registration number to get access to your merits list.

Q: What will be the date that is expected of this list? LHV Merit List 2023?

A: The precise date of the publication of LHV Merit List 2023 will depend on several variables, including the outcome of the assessment process as well as how the procedures are implemented by the department or healthcare authority. Candidates are advised to regularly visit the website of their choice and keep up-to-date with official announcements to get the most current and accurate information on the merit list announcement.

Q What do I do if see your name in the LHV Merit List 2023?

A: If you’re name in the LHV Merit List 2023, congrats! The next step is typically filling in the required paperwork and registering with the specified healthcare center or organization as a salaried Lady Health Visitor. Follow the directions within the announcement of merit, or seek advice from the appropriate authority for more information.

Q: What happens if my name isn’t listed in the LHV Merit List 2023?

The first step is to determine if your name isn’t listed on the LHV Merit List 2023, it means that you haven’t satisfied the requirements or found a place within the available slots. But don’t get discouraged. Consider this an opportunity to review your qualifications and abilities take a look at additional education or training, and consider other career options within the healthcare industry.

Q: Can I ask for an update or reconsideration of the LHV Merit List 2023?

A: Generally speaking, it is the case that the LHV Merit List is prepared by a systematic process of evaluation and any reconsideration or re-evaluation requests are not accepted. This merit listing is created using pre-defined factors and criteria. If you have particular concerns or complaints, it’s recommended to contact the appropriate department or authority to seek clarification or advice.

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