PMA Long Course 153 Registration Online 2023

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Online 2023 Roll Number Slip

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The online registration online registration for PMA Lang Course 153 will be open until October 9, 2023, through November 17, 2023. For more information, sign up online or go to the closest Army Selection and Recruitment Center.

The PMA Long Course 153 online registration session for 2023 has already concluded. The period for submitting applications was October 9, 2023, through November 17, 2023. You’ll have to wait for the Pakistan Army’s next notification regarding PMA Long Course 154 if you missed the deadline. Recall that the PMA Long Course 154 enrollment window will probably open again in October 2024. For updates, keep an eye on the official channels. You may start getting ready for the selection process in the meantime by doing the following: Getting in better shape preparing for the admission examinations, which include intelligence and academic assessments Increasing your capacity for leadership Finding out about the principles of the Pakistan Army

Important Dates:

  • Online registration from September 9, 2023, until November 17, 2023
  • Initial Examinations From December 2023 until February 20, 2024.
  • Last Selection From March through April 2024

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Online 2023 Roll Number Slip

PMA Long Course 153 Registration Online 2023

The deadline for applications to the position of 2nd Lieutenant is 2023.

In the next section, you’ll find all the details regarding The PMA Long Course number 153 online Application Date and Eligibility Criteria. Selection Criteria for Registration for the Initial Test, physical test information, final interview, and Training Session Timetable. In general, the PMA Long Course is announced twice a year. PMA Long Course is announced every two years and is scheduled to be announced in the month of October. 2023. applicants are able to apply online following the announcement in the public domain in the announcement of PMA Long Course 153 in the newspaper of the day.

What exactly is the PMA Long Course?

The PMA Long Course is a 2-year program of training for general commission officials of the combat as well as combat-support arms and services of the Pakistan Army. It is conducted in the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) located in Kakul, KPK.

This PMA Long Course is designed to impart the necessary military knowledge and skills to cadets that make them more effective in their role in the Pak Army. This course teaches a broad spectrum of subjects as described below.

  • Strategy and tactics of the military
  • Training and handling of weapons
  • Training and physical fitness
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Academic subjects like English Mathematical, Science and History

During the session of training, they also go through various physical and mental exercises to build the endurance, discipline, and endurance of officers with arms. At the end of the Long Course, cadets were designated as commissioned officers. They were Second Lieutenants of the Pakistan Army.

The Second Lieutenant’s eligibility criteria are:

Age and Qualification:

  1. Intermediate or equivalent degree holders between 17 and 22 years old are qualified to apply.
  2. Graduates (2 years of degree) holders and members of the Pakistan Navy / Pakistan Air Force aged 17 to 23 are qualified to submit an application.
  3. Graduation (4 Years Program) BS / BA (Hon) BBA/BPA passing with an age range of 17-24 are qualified to apply.
  4. Soldiers of the Army serving between 17 and 25 can apply.
  • gender: Only Male candidates are able to apply.
  • Marital Status New applicants must be single, however married employees of those in the Armed Forces over 20 years of age are also eligible to apply.
  • The Nationality of: Pakistani citizens who have the right of residence in any province in Pakistan which includes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan are qualified to apply. The final selection of applicants with dual nationality must to forfeit their nationality to other countries.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Maximum Height: Every candidate should be at a minimum of 5’Feet 4″ inches (162.5 centimeters).
  2. Visual Standard Distance Vision without glasses is 6/9 or 6/12, and Near Vision should be J2 N8, J7, or N12 without glasses or with glasses.
  3. weight: as per the Body Mass Index.

How do I apply to PMA Long Course 153: 

  1. A candidate can register online at or through the web link given below.
  2. Candidates may also register at any of the AS&RCs (Army Selection and Recruitment Centers) found in each major city in Pakistan.
  3. AS&RCs can be found at Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Gilgit, Hyderabad, Multan, DI Khan, Muzaffarabad, Faisalabad, Khuzdar, and Pano Aqil.
  4. PMA Long Course the 153 registration deadline for 2023 will begin in October 09 and runs through November 17, 2023.

Pak Army Second Lieutenant Apply 2023 Online Last Date for Females:

PMA LONG Course is only open to male candidates. There is no opportunity to Pak Army Second Lieutenant Online For Female applicants, however, female applicants can apply for additional courses that are that have been announced to join Pak Army for Female candidates after completing their intermediate.

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Selection Criteria for Selection:

  1. Preliminary Tests begin on November 22, 2023 through January 19, 2024.
  2. When it comes to the selection process, each candidate must take the initial Written or Intelligence Tests that are with multiple-choice questions that cover English, Maths, Pak Studies, Islamiat, and General Knowledge.
  3. Following the written or intelligence tests, successful candidates will be subjected to physical or medical tests and interview at AS&RCs.
  4. In the Physical Test, candidates have to complete the tests listed below.
  • 1.6 Km. You can complete an 8 minute task.
  • Push-Ups 15 repetitions over 2 minutes.
  • The Sit-Ups can be done 20 times over 2 minutes.
  • Chin Ups 3 repetitions within 2 minutes.
  • Ditch Crossings throughout 7′.4″ x 7′.4″ and 4″deep.
  1. The candidates who pass the physical test will take an Psychological assessment test, and those who pass will be invited for the final interview in face of the interview panel at AS&RC.

We hope that the information above regarding PMA Long Course 153 will help you in figuring out what Is PMA Long Course, What is its requirements and how to apply to PMA Long Course 153 Online or through AS&RC. Keep checking this page regularly for updates.

FAQs on PMA Long Course 153: FAQs about PMA Long Course 153:

Q No. 1. How many marks are required to pass the PMA Course? Course?

Answer: Intermediate or equivalent with at least 60% marks needed for eligibility.

Q No. 2: What’s the ranking following this course? PMA Course? Course?

Ans: The cadets who are qualified from the PMA Long Course appointed rank will be a Second Lieutenant. .

Q No. 3. What is the role of the 2nd Lieutenant’s job for in Pak Army Jobs 2023?

Answer: The 2nd Lieutenant was offered a pay scale starting at Rs. 50000/- PKR per month.

Q No. 4: How long Is PMA the Long Course 153?

Answer:Once you are selected to participate in PMA Long Course, PMA Long Course in the Pak Army then the training session for the PMA Long Course the 153 course will last 2 years.

Q No. 5 What number of cadets were selected for PMA Long Course 53?

Answer:Approximately 500 cadets are scheduled to be chosen to take part in the PMA Long Course through the Pakistan Army.

Q No. 6 What is the Stipend/ salary during the PMA Long Course?

Answer:The stipend/salary for PMA Long Course cadets for 2023 is RS. 30000 to Rs. 35,000 per month. The exact amount is contingent on the rank of the trainee and the level of training. Cadets also get a variety of other allowances including food allowances as well as clothing allowances and transportation allowances during their training.

Q No. 7: What is the rank after PMA The Long Course of 153, in Pakistan?

Answer:After the completion of the period of training the cadet is discharged as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Q No. 8: Can females be considered for an PMA Course? Course?

Females are eligible to apply to this course. PMA Course. Course.

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